El Limon Caturra


Country of origin: Guatemala

Coffee Varietal: Caturra


  • Region: Palencia
  • Farm: These coffee beans are from the El Limon farm near Palencia, east of Guatemala City
  • Altitude:1,600–1,800 metres (5,250 – 6,000 feet) above sea level

Climate:  temperature high 28C – low 13C, rainfall yearly average 500mm, dry season Nov-April 

The coffee plantation:  El Limon, run by the Reyes family since 1999. The total farm area is 18 hectares, of which most are for coffee cultivation

Coffee processing system: Natural: the coffee cherries are naturally sun dried, allowing the beans to be de-husked mechanically (processed naturally). 

Tasting notes: Brandy butter, ripe plums and sultana with a taste of brandy and a sweet, brown sugar finish.

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