Country of origin: Nicaragua, Matagalpa region.

Coffee Varietal: Red Bourbon. These coffee beans are from Nicaragua, specifically the Matagalpa region, Yasica Norte municipality (altitude 850 – 1,200 metres (3,000 – 4,000 feet) above sea level), climate: temperature high 25C – low 17C, rainfall yearly average 3,500mm).

Country of origin: is on Finca (farm) Limoncillo: total farm area 171 hectares (of which 109 are for coffee cultivation) The farm owners (the Mierisch family) are committed to sustainability (UTZ certified for sustainable farming), including minimal use of chemicals, careful land management and maintenance of natural woodland.
Harvesting: The coffee cherries are harvested during the dry season (from October-January), and naturally sun dried which allows the beans to be de-husked mechanically (processed naturally).

Medium Roast. Tasting notes: fruity and sugary - raisin, sultana, marzipan, brown sugar. Dark fruit, black grape aftertaste.

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