El Limon Pacamara


Country of origin: Guatemala, Palencia region.

Coffee Varietal: Pacamara. These coffee beans are from Guatemala, specifically the El Limon farm near Palencia, east of Guatemala city (altitude 1,600–1,800 metres (5,250 – 6,000 feet) above sea level), climate: temperature high 28C – low 13C, rainfall yearly average 500mm, dry season Nov-April).

The coffee plantation: El Limon, run by the Reyes family since 1999. The total farm area is 18 hectares, of which most are for coffee cultivation. Coffee processing system: The farm has its own “wet mill” plant for processing the coffee cherries. The “washed” system uses water to wash the mucilage off the coffee beans which are then dried.

Tasting notes: Medium-dark roast. Pink grapefruit initially, followed by caramel, dark chocolate, with fresh orange and cocoa at the finish.

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