Subscription: Single Origin Coffee- 12 months


Send a gift to a friend, loved one or treat yourself to our single origin coffees.  With our subscription, the receiver will get one or more of our lovingly selected coffees whole bean or ground to your specification. The selection does change with the seasons and we want to bring the freshest and most enticing on offer. Which ever coffee we select for you, you can be assured that is of the highest quality, ethically sourced and roasted freshly to order.

Country of origin: Where ever the season takes us, from South America to Africa to Asia

Tasting notes: We love trying out a range of different tastes in our coffees, some have the more traditional chocolate, caramel, nutty notes while others are deliciously surprising with fruity citrus, berries, plum, passionfruit. We hope to tempt you to move outside of your comfort zone and experience the more unusual and exciting flavours the world of coffee has to offer

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Items shipped 2-4 days after order

Your beans are roasted to order and taste tested prior to shipping