Los Robles


Country of origin: El Salvador, Los Plantes, Citalá, Chalatenango

Coffee Varietal: Pacamara

Harvest Period: December–February

Altitude: 1,420 metres above sea level

The coffee plantation: Finca Los Robles. Owner, José Roberto Deraz has produced coffee since 2009, when he was given 500 coffee trees and asked his father for advice on how to plant and care for them. Now he grows coffee on 2 manzanas of land, Once his coffee is picked ripe and depulped, it is fermented for 24–72 hours before being washed twice and dried on raised beds for 12–25 days.

Coffee processing system: Washed

Tasting notesBalanced and sweet with tart acidity, almond, cocoa and black tea flavours

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